Today, United States Senator Ben Sasse was named chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee’s Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing, and Agriculture Security.

“It is a tremendous honor to serve as the chairman of this important subcommittee,” said Senator Sasse. “Nebraskans know farming and ranching better than anyone in Washington and I’m honored to take their insight, ideas, and hard-work approach to the subcommittee. Our state leads the country in red meat production and pioneers innovations for the next generation of farming. I look forward to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Nebraska’s producers as we promote responsible policy and keep the future of agriculture strong.”

“I am pleased to have Senator Sasse on the Committee and I am looking forward to the knowledge and fresh perspective he brings to our work on behalf of American agriculture,” Chairman Roberts said. “As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing and Agriculture Security, he will be well positioned to represent Nebraskans’ interests in these issues.”

The Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing, and Agriculture Security has jurisdiction over livestock issues, agricultural marketing programs, pest and disease management, agriculture security, and dairy programs.

“Nebraska beef producers need common-sense laws that provide opportunities for growing our industry,” said Nebraska Cattlemen (NC) President Dave McCracken. “It’s exciting to have a leader with Nebraska common-sense on this important subcommittee. NC is proud to congratulate Senator Sasse on his chairmanship and look forward to working together to benefit Nebraska beef cattle producers.”

“Nebraska has much at stake related to the livestock sector given its place as the number one cattle feeding and total red meat producing state,” said Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation President Steve Nelson. “Our cattle, pork, dairy and poultry industries will now have a strong voice on the Subcommittee on Livestock, Marketing, and Agriculture Security thanks to the leadership and commitment of Senator Sasse. We look forward to working with him in this new role for the betterment of Nebraska’s livestock economy.”