U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Budget and Finance Committees, issued the following statement on the insane Build Back Better bill arriving in the Senate.  

“This is what happens when Bernie Sanders turns Willie Nelson's letter to Santa into legislation. This 2,000 page bill is chock-full of hippie crap and Senators know it. $85 million to study climate change's effect on 'lactating individuals.' $2.5 billion on 'tree equity.' $2.5 billion for trial attorneys. $4.1 billion for electric bicycles. And $200 million for a park in Nancy Pelosi's backyard. This bill doesn’t build up the American people, it bankrupts them.” 


Full text of bill can be found here 

“Lactating Individuals”: Sec 31038 P. 689.  

“Tree Equity”: Sec 11003 P. 18. 

“Money for Lawyers”: Sec 138505 P. 1941. 

“Electric Bicycles”: Sec 135408. P. 1527. 

“Pelosi’s Park Funding”: Sec 70203 P. 893.