This morning, Senator Ben Sasse appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss the Obama Administration’s plan to hold uninsured patients hostage in the event that the Supreme Court rules against HHS in King v. Burwell. Video is available here and excerpts are found below.

“Let's translate what the administration is really saying here: Secretary Burwell uses so much political speak but what she really means is that, if the court finds for the rule of law and that they’ve acted illegally in these 37 states . . . she then says we've taken hostages so that when cancer patients are thrown off their plans we'll have no backup plan and we can blame Republican governors.”

“We need to not expand ObamaCare, not extend ObamaCare, not fix ObamaCare but we need to offer transitional, temporary assistance to the 6 million people who will suffer from yet another ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan’ bait-and-switch.”