U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement: 

“Dr. Ford’s family and Judge Kavanaugh’s family are both getting death threats today for one reason: because this process was intentionally turned into a made-for-TV circus by people who care more about politics than they care about either of these families.

“These serious allegations could – and should – have been investigated back in July through the confidential vetting process that the Judiciary Committee has had for decades.  But instead of working through that process, which could have helped restore some public trust, Senator Feinstein hid these allegations from the Judiciary Committee and from the FBI, got Dr. Ford a hyper-political lawyer, and then played this at the most politically destructive moment, after the FBI background investigation had already been concluded.

“Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee requested that the FBI do a supplemental background investigation. The FBI will report back to us next week – and that report will be carefully considered by the Senate, rather than merely by the badly damaged Judiciary Committee. 

“I'm absolutely heartbroken for both Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh. The Senate did not serve either of them well, nor has it served the American people well through this process.”