U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, issued the following statement today after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a final Waters of the United States rule.

“This is the epitome of Washington absurdity: instead of tackling the serious crises we face, the federal government is dramatically expanding the EPA’s power over our Nebraska waters. It’s a clear picture of runaway government: it took the Homestead Act just two pages to open Nebraska for settlement but it takes the EPA nearly 300 pages to explain how it intends to displace state government’s regulation of local water.

“Nebraskans care deeply about conservation but we know that this rule isn’t about improving the environment— it’s about keeping bureaucrats busy at the expense of agriculture. The EPA’s Waters of the United States rule is bad news for our state’s farmers and ranchers. I’ll continue to do everything I can to oppose it.”


Today, the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers released the final Waters of the United States rule under the Clean Water Act. The rule would dramatically expand federal authority and with it EPA’s power to levy fines and require additional permits and reporting.

Senator Sasse, an outspoken critic of the EPA’s regulatory push, invited Mr. Jeff Metz of Morrill County, Nebraska to testify before the Senate Agriculture Committee on March 24 as the EPA was still moving the proposal through the rulemaking process.