U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and an outspoken China hawk, issued the following statement regarding his vote against the confirmation of Linda Thomas-Greenfield to be ambassador to the United Nations. 

“Although Amb. Thomas-Greenfield has a distinguished record of diplomatic service, she has not been persuasive that she will hold China’s feet to the fire at the United Nations. In 2019, when China’s human rights abuses were well known, she praised Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative in a paid speech at a Confucius Institute. The defining global security challenge of our age is the contest between the United States’ commitment to human dignity and Chairman Xi’s genocidal regime. America’s top diplomat at the United Nations must exercise better judgement.”


In 2019, Thomas-Greenfield delivered a paid speech at a Confucius Institute event. Confucius Institutes are widely known to disseminate CCP propaganda on U.S. campuses and are bankrolled by the Chinese Communist Party. In the speech, Thomas-Greenfield praised the CCP’s debt trap diplomacy program, the Belt and Road Initiative. She recently backtracked after considerable pushback from Senate Republicans.