U.S. Senator Ben Sasse announced that Nebraska State Patrol Trooper John Lewis will attend the State of the Union as his guest. Trooper Lewis’ efforts to aid families affected by Hurricane Irma inspired Americans across the country and made Nebraska proud.

"Nebraskans know we can count on each other when we need it the most -- Trooper Lewis took that truth to another level," said Sasse. "This past Christmas, he led an effort to match Nebraskans with families in Florida recovering from Hurricane Irma’s devastation by providing much needed supplies, relief, and holiday cheer to folks who lost nearly everything. Trooper Lewis and the Nebraskans who pitched in to help are shining examples of what make our communities so great.”

"This is just what Nebraskans do -- serve and love your neighbor," said Lewis. "Our state is full of men and women who lean in and solve problems every single day. I'm grateful for Senator Sasse’s invitation and I look forward to hearing the President’s State of the Union address."

Background: In December, Trooper Lewis led an effort to provide aid to families affected by Hurricane Irma. At the time, Trooper Lewis was able to recruit and match Nebraskans with 14 families in Florida, providing relief as the recovery process was underway. More information can be found here.