United States Senator Ben Sasse will welcome Dr. Philip Smith, Medical Director of the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s Biocontainment Unit, to tonight’s State of the Union Address. Dr. Smith leads the specialized Nebraska team that treated three Ebola patients last year.

“By risking their lives for strangers, Nebraska’s biocontainment team inspired us to service above ourselves,” said Senator Sasse. “The courage, precision, and hard work of these doctors, nurses, and medical professionals saved lives, educated health providers, and calmed public fears. Nebraskans are tremendously grateful for Dr. Smith’s team and it is an honor to welcome him to Washington as a representative of UNMC's dedicated staff."

“I am deeply honored to have been invited by Sen. Sasse to attend the State of the Union Address. This is a tribute to all of our dedicated and skilled staff who make it possible for us to care for Ebola patients at the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit,” said Dr. Phil Smith, Medical Director of the UNMC Biocontainment Unit.

Nebraska’s Biocontainment Patient Care ‎Unit is the largest in the country and one of just four facilities in the United States equipped and trained to handle Ebola and other highly contagious diseases. Between September and November of last year, the UNMC’s world-class Biocontainment Unit successfully treated Dr. Rick Sacra and freelance journalist Ashoka Mukpo.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center established the gold standard in treatment of Ebola. Since the fight against Ebola began, the UNMC Biocontainment Unit staff has trained the staffs of more than 40 hospitals across the United States in how to safely handle and treat Ebola patients.

More detailed information on the unit and Ebola is available here.