U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement. 

"This has been a gut punch of a year, but even in the middle of this nasty virus America has much to be thankful for. Especially in times of struggle and anxiety, it’s important to take stock of our blessings — after all, President Lincoln established a national day of Thanksgiving when the Civil War was in full swing. This year, in the face of real health and economic hardship, Americans are grateful for the workers who have kept shelves stocked and lines moving, grateful for the doctors and nurses who have cared for the sick, and grateful for the Americans who have done what Americans always do — lend their neighbors a helping hand. We are blessed to live here — in this free country with a Constitution that preserves liberty through upheaval — and now —  in this time of unparalleled opportunity. Let’s commit ourselves to the hard work of choosing gratitude over grievance and building stronger communities for our kids and grandkids. Melissa and I thank God for His continued providence, ask for His blessing on all those suffering and all those searching for a cure, and pray that He sheds His grace on our nation."