U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement after voting against the massive deficit spending deal that passed the Senate. 

“Our national debt is already $22 trillion, and this deal is going to bankrupt our kids with deficits of more than a trillion dollars every year for the foreseeable future. Both parties are ignoring basic math and the only thing Washington seems to agree on is spending money we don’t have. I want to spend more on national defense, but I’m not going to hold hands with Speaker Pelosi and jump off a cliff to get it. Good grief.”


Under the deal’s new normal, yearly deficits will exceed $1 trillion. Today, the national debt is already $22 trillion. Under the terms of this budget, debt would be a record 97 percent of America’s GDP. The legislation's so-called offsets cover only a fraction of the new spending and won't come close to covering the interest on the new debt.