U.S. Senator Ben Sasse released the following statement after voting to pass disaster relief legislation.
“Nebraskans are tough. We’re working hard to rebuild, but we still have work to do. The legislation the Senate just passed is an important down payment to help us rebuild. The relief for our farmers and ranchers is critical. That’s a big deal for Nebraskans, and I'm glad Senate Democrats stopped playing games.”
Legislation background:
Expands payment for lost crops and livestock to include “on-farm stored commodities” and “crops prevented from planting in 2019.”
Adds emergency funding and technical assistance to farmers and ranchers for rehabilitating farmland damaged by natural disasters from $500 million to $558 million and expanded coverage to 2019 floods.
Increases funds for Air Force construction costs from $700 million to $1 billion and included 2019 flood damage.