"Americans ought to be enraged."

Today, U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Oversight Subcommittee, issued the following statement regarding the completion of the Department of Justice’s investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s sweetheart deal. The investigation merely concluded that U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta exercised “poor judgment."

"Letting a well-connected billionaire get away with child rape and international sex trafficking isn’t ‘poor judgment’ – it is a disgusting failure. Americans ought to be enraged. Jeffrey Epstein should be rotting behind bars today, but the Justice Department failed Epstein’s victims at every turn. The DOJ’s crooked deal with Epstein effectively shut down investigations into his child sex trafficking ring and protected his co-conspirators in other states. Justice has not been served. The full report needs to be released to the public. OPR might have finished its report, but we have an obligation to make sure this never happens again."


Since 2018, Sasse has repeatedly pushed the DOJ to investigate the sweetheart deal that Epstein received.

In February 2019, at Sasse’s insistence, the Department of Justice opened an investigation into its handling of Epstein.

On January 15, 2019, during his confirmation hearing, William Barr, the President’s nominee for Attorney General, publicly committed to making sure that the DOJ responded to Senator Sasse’s questions into the Epstein case and that they would prioritize the prosecution of sex-trafficking.

On August 10, the day of Epstein’s death, Sasse wrote to Attorney General Barr demanding that “heads must roll” and asking transparency questions to make sure DOJ answers for the miscarriage of justice.

On November 11, 2019, Sasse denounced the Bureau of Prisons’ refusal to provide public answers about the events surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death.