U.S. Senator Ben Sasse issued the following statement regarding the budget-busting deal that Speaker Pelosi and the House of Representatives passed today. 

“This deal is bad news: Both parties yet again agreed to spend more money that we don’t have and the swamp just got swampier. Like a lot of Republicans, I think we’re under-investing in some key national defense priorities, but I’m a conservative so let’s be honest: If D.C. keeps ignoring basic math and reality, what’s the military going to defend once our kids go bankrupt? Unless Republicans get serious, Speaker Pelosi is going to take us to the cleaners.”


Under the deal’s new normal, yearly deficits will exceed $1 trillion. Today, the national debt is already $22 trillion. Under the terms of this budget, debt would be a record 97 percent of America’s GDP. The legislation's so-called offsets cover only a fraction of the new spending and won't come close to covering the interest on the new debt.