Senate Judiciary Committee votes to advance Steve Grasz's nomination to the full Senate. 

Today, after U.S. Senator Ben Sasse and fellow members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to advance the nomination of Steve Grasz to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, Sasse spoke on the Senate floor. 

Video of the Senator's speech is available here and a transcript is found below:

Today the Judiciary Committee had the opportunity to advance the nomination of Steve Grasz, one of the foremost appellate attorneys in the state of Nebraska. And I just want to make one brief comment about that. The Judiciary Committee has now heard, and soon the full Senate will be hearing, about the impeccable credentials of Mr. Grasz. Steve has served with distinction as Nebraska's Chief Deputy Attorney General for nearly a dozen years. During that time, he defended our state's laws with integrity, humility, and decency. Whether he was litigating before the 8th Circuit, before the Nebraska Supreme Court, or before the U.S. Supreme Court, Steve's character and professionalism earned the respect of Republicans and Democrats alike. 

Members of the committee became familiar with Steve and in particular his recommendation from President Obama's U.S. Attorney for Nebraska, Deborah Gilg. She wrote to the committee, "Steve has always enjoyed a reputation for honesty, impeccable integrity, and dedication to the rule of law," she wrote to our Committee. She continued by noting that, Steve "possesses an even temperament well suited for the bench and always acts with respect to all that interact with him." 

Steve has earned the support of Republicans and Democrats back in Nebraska and I hope that when his nomination comes to the floor of the Senate, we will take to heart all of the support that he has across the political spectrum and from well-respected lawyers across our state. Thank you for the time, Mr. President.