U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, who led the effort to stop Congress from needlessly mingling culture wars and national security, applauded House and Senate negotiators for excluding a provision requiring women to register for the draft in the final 2017 National Defense Authorization Act. 

In September, Sasse led a group of 17 Senators in demanding that negotiators keep this unnecessary culture war out of the defense bill. Text of that letter is available here

"Defense bills are common in Washington but, this year, the big story is that both sides will put national security ahead of unnecessary culture-warring," said Sasse. "This is a victory for common sense. It’s encouraging to see Congress do its work instead of jumping into a fight about drafting our mothers, sisters, and daughters when the military isn’t demanding an end to our all-volunteer fighting-force. Republicans and Democrats should be able to agree that keeping our defenses strong is more important than needlessly scoring points on divisive issues."  

Today, negotiators unveiled legislation that does not require women to register for the draft and, instead, requires the Pentagon to undertake a study on whether a draft is even still needed. This is similar to an amendment Sasse offered in June.