What They're Saying About Sasse's Permanent Earmark Ban 

Wall Street Journal: Stick a Fork in Senate Pork 
WSJ Editorial Board, 5-24-2019

Congress isn’t accomplishing much lately, but Senate Republicans deserve credit for one thing they aren’t doing: Restoring the practice of earmarks. The Senate Republican conference on Thursday adopted a permanent ban on such parochial handouts, an effort led by Nebraska’s Ben Sasse. 
The claim is that earmarks make it easier to pass legislation, and this might be a worthwhile conservative trade if it meant Congress could pull together majorities for, say, something big like entitlement reform. Slices of pork would supposedly be the grease for difficult but essential reform that would shrink the burden of government. In our observation, the opposite is closer to the truth: Earmarks grease the skids for bigger government. 

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Americans for Tax Reform: 'Huge Victory for American Taxpayers' 
Tom Hebert, Americans for Tax Reform, 5-24-19

In a huge victory for American taxpayers, the Senate Republican conference Thursday adopted Senator Ben Sasse’s (R-NE) amendment to permanently ban earmarks in the 116th Congress and beyond. 

Congress banned earmarks in 2011, but the moratorium expired at the beginning of the 116th Congress in January. Sasse’s amendment bans earmarks for all future Congresses. Without Sasse’s amendment, earmarks would have returned. 

“Earmarks are the ‘broken windows’ of government overspending, the currency of Congressional corruption, and the price of bad votes for more spending,” said ATR President Grover Norquist. “Earmarks are used to buy the votes of congressmen who would never vote for the overall package standing alone, without a bribe.”

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Citizens Against Government Waste: 'Taxpayers should especially thank Sen. Ben Sasse' 

“Earmarking is one of the most wasteful and corrupt practices in congressional history, and Senate Republicans should be congratulated for voting to ban it permanently.  Taxpayers should especially thank Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) for introducing and pushing the measure.  Now it is time for the House of Representatives to follow suit and demonstrate its commitment to ending this practice that is the epitome of the Washington swamp.” -CAGW President Tom Schatz

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Lincoln Journal Star: Sasse leads way to Republican ban on earmarks 
Don Walton, Lincoln Journal Star, 5-23-2019

Sen. Ben Sasse won approval Thursday of his proposal that Republican senators, organized as the Senate Republican Conference, permanently ban appropriations earmarks by individual senators. 

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POLITICO: Senate Republicans permanently ban earmarks 
Benjamin Wermund, POLITICO, 5-24-19

Pork barrel spending won't be returning to Congress any time soon after Senate Republicans this week moved to permanently ban earmarks.

The Senate GOP on Thursday behind closed doors added a permanent ban on earmarked spending to their conference rules, a move that comes as some buzz had built around an eventual return of earmarks.

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who pushed for the Senate GOP ban on Thursday, boasted that the move stops a looming "earmark binge." His office said the 28-12 vote followed a "heated" 45-minute debate.

Sasse said earmarks needed to be ruled out.

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Washington Times: Senate GOP approves permanent earmark ban 
Stephan Dinan, Washington Times, 5-23-19

Senate Republicans voted Thursday to adopt a permanent ban on earmarks, a move that signals that as long as the GOP controls the chamber the practice of pork-barrel spending won’t return. 

A ban had been adopted every Congress since House Republicans imposed it after taking the majority in that chamber in 2011, but it needed to be renewed every two years.

Sen. Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican, said it was time for the GOP to make the ban permanent. 

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The Hill: Senate GOP votes to permanently ban earmarks 
Jordain Carney, The Hill, 5-23-19

GOP senators decided to enact the permanent ban during a closed-door caucus meeting, with aides saying the issue had been under discussion among Republicans for months.

Congress first banned earmarks in 2011, after Republicans took back the House in 2010. But that moratorium expired in January, with the start of the 116th Congress, meaning lawmakers could have tried to insert earmarks into fiscal 2020 government funding bills. 

Fiscal conservatives, who have blasted earmarks as "pork-barrel spending," praised the decision. 

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.), who spearheaded the effort, called earmarks a "crummy way to govern." 

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The Daily Caller: Senate Republicans Banned Earmarks – Permanently 
Anders Hagstrom, Daily Caller, 5-23-19

Senate Republicans adopted a permanent ban on earmarks Thursday, signaling to Democrats the oft-criticized practice won’t be tolerated so long as Republicans control the chamber.

Republicans passed the permanent ban at the urging of Nebraska Republican Sen. Ben Sasse, who argued the GOP’s current policy, continually reinstating a two-year ban that has existed since 2011, was insufficient. The new policy, adopted with a 28-12 vote, effectively falls on both chambers of Congress, as any earmarked bills arising in the House of Representative would die in the Senate.

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Daily Signal: Senate Republicans Renew Earmark Ban and Make It Permanent 
Rachel del Guidice, The Daily Signal, 5-23-19

The Senate Republican Conference adopted an amendment Thursday, pushed by Sen. Ben Sasse, to retain the Senate’s ban on spending earmarks.

But Romina Boccia, director of the Grover M. Hermann Center for the Federal Budget at The Heritage Foundation, said reinstating earmarks would hardly be in the best fiscal interest for the country.
"Today is a good day for America when lawmakers in the Senate have agreed to tie their own hands and stand firm against returning earmarks, thanks to principled leadership by Senator Sasse." 

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National Taxpayers Union: A major step to protect taxpayer dollars 

Senate Republicans took a major step yesterday to protect taxpayer dollars from earmarks- the shady practice of lawmakers directing money into pet projects in their state or congressional district. The adopted rule, spearheaded by Senator Ben Sasse (R-Nebraska), places a permanent ban on pork-barrel spending. NTU has long been a champion for ending this practice and we commend Senator Sasse and the Republican conference for achieving a hardfought, but necessary outcome.

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