We can all do our part

We all can take actions that are vital to slowing and stopping the spread of this virus. We've got a responsibility to our neighbors to create a cleaner environment -- that means you and I need to prioritize personal hygiene. Always remember what our moms taught us: cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough, wash your hands, clean regularly used items frequently, and if you're sick, stay home. The more diligent we are, the sooner we'll beat this thing.


Be sure to have a plan to care for those in your family or community who might be at greater risk for COVID-19. 

Create an emergency contact list.

Have enough resources in your house for you and your family should you have to self-quarantine.

Look after those in your community that may not have a support system in place.

Think about what emergency operation plans are in place at your kid's school or daycare. How will you care for them if you are sick or their school shuts down?

Talk to your employer about their emergency operation or telework plans.